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Pilates is more than just a workout. This form of exercise is not only safe and effective, but also enhances overall health. Adding certain props and accessories to your Pilates studio can create another dimension to workouts.

However, to truly upgrade your customers' workouts, you need to choose the right Pilates equipment accessories. Understanding the different types of accessories available and the associated benefits goes a long way in helping you make smart decisions. Here's a look at BASI Systems’ accessories.   

Benefits of BASI Systems Accessories

At BASI Systems, we bring you high-quality Pilates equipment accessories designed to introduce variety and personalization into your workout routines. Below are some benefits of these accessories.

  • Provide Easy Adjustments: Pilates accessories make it easy to adjust your existing equipment to offer proper support during exercises and the right resistance levels to meet your customers' unique fitness levels and goals.
  • Offer Resistance Training: Certain Pilates accessories, like springs, add resistance to exercises, effectively enabling your customers to reach for their inner strength.
  • Add Versatility to a Workout: Having accessories in your Pilates studio can help your customers broaden their horizons by adding creativity to workouts where they can perform a wide range of dynamic movements.
  • Achieve Better Results: Pilates accessories help fitness enthusiasts refine their technique and boost their flexibility, enabling your customers to get the results they desire. 

Types of BASI Systems Accessories

There are numerous Pilates equipment accessories you can use to create your ultimate sanctuary. Here are a few BASI Systems accessories that can help unlock an individual's flexibility potential.


These versatile accessories not only add variety to an exercise routine but are also adjustable to achieve different levels of resistance. At BASI Systems, we have foot straps, safety straps, leg straps, and ankle straps.


Our quality handles provide a firm, secure grip during workouts. This ensures proper wrist alignment and promotes safety. We sell aluminum handles and neoprene handles, both designed to allow you to perform a variety of workouts and enhance the outcome of Pilates exercises.


Made with non-stretch materials, our ropes are soft and durable. They offer a comfortable grip, making them gentle on the palms. This specialized exercise accessory keeps tension on the muscles, effectively helping to improve strength and flexibility. Pilates ropes are a perfect accessory for anyone looking to expand their exercise methods.

Pilates Mats

A Pilates mat is an important accessory when it comes to ground-based exercises. Pilates mats from BASI Systems offer support and comfort during exercises. The mats are made of non-slip rubber foam material, are lightweight, and have minimum stretch.  

F2 Add-ons

Expand exercise options and maximize workouts with this BASI Systems accessory. The F2 System Connector delivers the perfect balance of form and function. Springs can be attached at different angles to ports on a spine corrector, chairs, barrels, Cadillac, and reformers.

Jump Boards

A jump board is designed to boost the intensity of your workouts. The accessory can be used for different exercises that are bound to give a full body burn. Our jump boards have padded cushioning that ensures exercises are gentle on the ankles, knees, and hips.

Enhance Your Pilates Studio With BASI System Accessories

Looking for the best Pilates equipment accessories for your studio? BASI Systems sells premium, high-end equipment designed to help people get the most out of their fitness routine. Our products not only help you create your dream studio, but also enable your customers to discover their true strengths. If you’re in the U.S., visit to start shopping.

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February 22, 2024