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At BASI Systems, we are proud to offer our patented Enhanced Pulley System (EPS) on our reformers, towers and more to create the ideal pilates experience for every body. Why might you consider investing in this useful and effective tool? And what makes our system unique? Keep reading to find out.

The Value of Increased Tension in Pilates Exercises

Pilates is all about increasing balance, flexibility, and strength. What that means for an individual can vary widely. Especially during rehabilitation or strength training, adjusting the tension level experienced during stretching exercises to precise levels allows each person to build their strength and flexibility to their highest potential without risking injury or pain. 

Being able to carefully and consistently customize a client's exercise program allows Pilates studio owners the freedom and confidence to provide effective training.

How Does Our EPS Work?

Our Enhanced Pulley System works by allowing the user or trainer to adjust the pulley both horizontally and vertically simply by positioning the sliders with the corresponding bars and then tightening the sliding bracelets clockwise until it is secure. 

Using the thoughtfully designed sliding bracelets, you can attach the pulley to the precise level beneficial to the user, and tightening the knobs into place is both smooth but secure to provide the highest degree of confidence in the accurate placement of the pulley system. When a person uses the EPS, the secure and customized settings can be replicated or fine-tuned easily, allowing for a consistent and effective training experience.

What Makes Our Enhanced Pulley System Unique?

While other pulley systems exist, the EPS stands alone regarding ease of use and customization features. From installation to client use, we have consciously designed our product to promote a user-friendly experience. 


Even without the clear and helpful manuals and instructional videos available on our YouTube page, installing the EPS in your studio is straightforward because we designed our product to be easily assembled. The sliding bracelets come pre-attached to the poles, so fitting the pulley is as simple as unscrewing the pulley pin, inserting the U-shaped metal into the front eyelet, and aligning the ring that you then tighten clockwise. 

Unique Features:

After installation, our EPS continues to set the standard of convenience and effective customization. Its unique and innovative design goes beyond all similarly marketed products to provide a fully customizable and comfortable strengthening experience. 

Due to its thoughtful design, the EPS from BASI Systems works perfectly from first use and withstands the expected wear exceptionally. With unparalleled settings options easily navigated, the EPS stands out in a market with few options that usually follow the same tired design ideas.

If you have any questions about installing, using or maintaining the EPS, you can count on a quick response from your dedicated customer service representative, and we have an extensive library of videos and blog posts designed to help you get the most out of our unique system.

See the Advantages In Your Studio!

All Pilates practitioners can benefit from a customized exercise experience, and our Enhanced Pulley System allows each user to create an environment that is perfect for their body. As a Pilates studio owner, your ability to assess and customize the Pilates experience for your clients will help your studio thrive and make the most of every workout. 

As you holistically evaluate the needs of your studio and clients, consider adding the Enhanced Pulley System into your programs of strength training and rehabilitation to see your clients reach breakthroughs in their feeling of accomplishment during workouts, and see the benefits for yourself as you tailor your pilates experience to your individual body needs.

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Our proven Enhanced Pulley System is a simple, intuitive way to ensure your Pilates students receive maximum payoff from their movements without sacrificing safety or comfort. Get in touch with us with any questions or to start your order today!

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January 11, 2024