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High-quality equipment has the potential to improve flexibility, strength, and freedom of movement for your Pilates customers. But to truly offer the best experience at your studio, it’s important to not only strive for premium quality but also to offer unique, innovative equipment that makes your studio a stand-out choice for any Pilates enthusiast. 

The F2 System from BASI Systems is a prime example of utilizing advanced technology to provide an unmatched experience for every user, regardless of experience level. This blog will dive into what the revolutionary F2 System is, how it works, and how it can give your studio an edge over the competition.    

What Is the BASI F2 System?

The BASI F2 System is a modular connector designed to upgrade your BASI Systems Pilates equipment, improving versatility and precision of movement for users. It adds new angles, heights, and resistance levels, unlocking a wider range of exercises and giving users the ability to create fully customized routines. The system is simple to install, and in an instant, it can vastly improve the functionality and capabilities of your equipment. 

How Does the F2 System Work? 

Thanks to years of meticulous engineering, the F2 System provides incredible results with an extremely simple design. It features a metal lever that can be precisely adjusted to eight different angles, each providing unique ranges of motion and extending the capabilities of your equipment. 

By changing the angle, users can enjoy comfortable movement with tailored exercises that match their flexibility and experience levels. The F2 System also allows you to change height, rotation, and resistance levels on your equipment, allowing you to fine-tune equipment even further. 

What Are the Benefits of the F2 System?

Universal Compatibility

The F2 System has universal connectors, which means it’s compatible with all of our premium Pilates studio equipment, including our reformers, Wunda chair, spine corrector, and more. This allows you to upgrade your existing setup or make the most of new additions. 

Easy Installation

When it comes to installing the F2 System, the process couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is remove the port cover from your current equipment and replace it with the universal F2 System connector. While there are no specialized tools or training required to install, we highly recommend you attend workshops or classes to learn how to make the most of the technology and provide the best experience for your students and customers.  

Comfort and Customization 

Every visitor in your Pilates studio will have their own unique needs, preferences, and experience levels, and the F2 System makes it possible to tailor your equipment to each individual. A fully customized piece of equipment makes routines more comfortable for users by adapting to their needs instead of the other way around. This makes for a more enjoyable, inspiring experience — and it can even reduce injury risk, too. 

For example, if beginner users want an easier exercise, you can lower the resistance levels while increasing them for more advanced users. With the additional angle and height adjustments, it’s easy to provide a safe, comfortable Pilates workout that matches each skill level. 

Less Equipment, More Capabilities 

If you’re concerned about having limited space in your studio for equipment — or worried about the large upfront cost — the F2 System can be a fantastic solution. By bringing customization to one piece of equipment, you avoid the need to purchase more.

Elevating Your Pilates Studio With BASI Systems

At BASI Systems, it’s our goal to make every Pilates movement more comfortable, enjoyable, and inspiring with state-of-the-art technology like the F2 System. We’ve been practicing and studying the art of Pilates for over three decades, and our experts are now pouring their passion and expertise into creating premium equipment with cutting-edge advancements like the F2 System. If you're ready to fill your studio with the best, contact us. Or, if you're located in the US, you can explore our collections on

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December 19, 2023