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Few people truly want to do the same job their entire life. Changing your career is a powerful way to refresh your interest, energy, and focus while continuing to make a living. Among the most rewarding options for someone with the right skills and disposition is to become a Pilates instructor. Pilates is an exercise practice that enriches lives, restores strength and flexibility, and will help you maintain your own health as you help others. 

Is becoming a Pilates instructor a viable career change? Join us as we explore the opportunities ahead of you as you consider Pilates for your next career. 

Pilates Career Change

When changing your career, it always helps to look at the facts. One of the most notable is that 40% of Pilates instructors are over 40. Pilates is about understanding your body rather than bouncing around a workout mat, and older Pilates instructors can better understand the physical needs of their students. This makes Pilates a viable option as a second career.

The safest route for a career change is to start out teaching part-time. This gives you a great opportunity to explore the experience and discover if being a Pilates instructor is right for a full transition before going full time or starting your own studio.

If you're considering starting your own business as part of the career change, you might enjoy opening a studio. The initial investment is somewhere between $50,000 and $500,000, depending on the studio size and location. Then, you will want to consider the commitment process, which includes certification, equipment, and insurance.

Benefits of a Pilates Career

There are many benefits to embarking on your second career as a Pilates instructor. Whatever has been weighing you down about your current desk job, Pilates offers a refreshing change of pace and provides an opportunity to make a positive difference in people's lives each day.

Flexible Schedule

Pilates instructors can often set their schedule based on their preferences and time availability. You can fill your schedule with classes and private training sessions or block out sections of your schedule reserved for personal and family time just as easily.

Meaningful Work

Instructing Pilates is a great way to directly help people every day. Pilates students are often looking to build strength and flexibility. They may be overcoming physical conditions or recovering from injuries. In each case, you are encouraging and guiding your students to discover the full potential of their bodies' capabilities and to achieve a greater state of personal health and well-being.

Active Daily Routine

Pilates instructors are active, spending each day exercising and interacting with students instead of toiling away behind a desk. If you are looking for a change of pace that fills your life with activity in the beautiful surroundings of a wellness studio, Pilates is a great alternative to a traditional office job.

Ability To Diversify

Lastly, you can branch out from your first Pilates instruction into more advanced Pilates classes, private training sessions, or other wellness certifications and services. A Pilates studio can be a diverse place to build a whole new set of skills and career achievements, so you're never at risk of getting stuck in a single role or task.

Considerations Before Pursuing a Pilates Career

There are, of course, a few considerations to make before diving into Pilates as your new career.

Certification Process

The certification process is rather lengthy, often taking about a year to complete the training. This is because there is quite a bit of anatomy, equipment, routines, and theory to learn before you are ready to guide others through Pilates training.

Building Your Student Community

You will need to invest time and effort into building your student community. Many Pilates instructors start part-time in an already thriving studio, but opening your own Pilates studio means building up your clientele.

Avoid the Draw of Repetition

There is some risk of repetition if you teach the same class routine in back-to-back time slots. Be sure to cultivate a variety of class options and teach a range of class routines so that each day is interesting and dynamic.

Pilates Career FAQ

What skills are helpful to become a Pilates instructor?

Becoming a Pilates instructor requires both hard and soft skills. Empathy, active listening, and customer service experience are a good place to start. However, a full understanding of human anatomy and strength training is also essential. Fortunately, you can learn almost everything you need through the Pilates instructor certification process.

What's the average salary for a Pilates instructor?

The average yearly income of a Pilates instructor is between $36,000 and $74,000, earning approximately $25 an hour.

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May 23, 2024