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The Pilates workout regimen utilizes a host of equipment. If you're looking to start a Pilates studio, it’s best to understand the apparatuses you need to ensure they serve your customers' intended purposes. This post breaks down everything you need to know about various Pilates equipment pieces and the best options to start with while opening a Pilates studio. 

Pilates Equipment 101

Pilates equipment is a series of specialized apparatuses that achieve a specific regimen of movement developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1900s. The first piece of equipment was the Reformer, which had a simple design that included a series of rigged springs attached to hospital beds.

Joseph Pilates later invented more equipment, which included the Wunda Chair, Cadillac and Guillotine. Today, manufacturers have created and developed other equipment to achieve the Pilates movement system. Here's a breakdown of common pilates equipment to consider for your studio. 


Reformers feature an elevated bed-like frame made from wood, metal, or a mix of both, with a gliding and cushioned platform called the carriage. The carriage moves along a railing using a pulley system. On one end, it has a set of springs that deliver customizable resistance to accommodate its user's fitness level. 

Other features include a footbar, a movable headrest, a shoulder block, and accessories like a sitting box. With all these features, reformers have incredible versatility and offer hundreds of exercise options to strengthen the body, build muscle, improve posture, strengthen your core and achieve other fitness goals. 

Wunda Chairs

The Wunda Chair is a raised seat with a spring-loaded platform on its side and bottom. This allows users to push down at varying resistance. It comes in two variations with different sitting positions: 

  • Pilates High Chair: This Wunda Chair is designed to raise the body vertically in the air at various positions. 
  • Pilates Arm Chair: Featuring a movable backrest, this Wunda Chair can move back and forth at varying resistance. 


Towers, wall towers or reformers with towers are versatile Pilates equipment that combine elements from the Cadillac, mat and reformers. They feature different workout regimens that combine for a total body workout using vertical resistance attached to a stable base. 

Cadillacs/ Trapeze Tables

The Cadillac or Trapeze Table resembles a canopy bed with a cushioned mat and a four-post metal frame. It also features a push-through bar on one end and a roll-down bar hooked on the other. The push-through bar can be loaded with springs for the arms and legs or both. On the top of the canopy, a slider bar holds the trapeze bar for acrobatic movements. 

Spine Corrector

The spine corrector is a small, uniquely designed Pilates equipment used to strengthen spinal mobility as well as the torso, legs, core, and shoulders. It features knee-height equipment with a unique curvature that helps target deep postural muscles that users cannot reach through regular exercise. It's best suited for users who want to correct kyphosis, a common postural complication that results from excessive sitting. 

Best Equipment When Opening a Pilates Studio

All Pilates apparatuses are suitable for a Pilates studio, but if you're starting a studio, you should start with a few key pieces as you continue establishing your business. This will help you stay within your budget as you focus on other aspects that will help you attract more customers to your business.

The best Pilate equipment to start a Pilate studio is the reformer. It's a versatile option that offers a full-body workout by incorporating flexibility training and varying resistance. As you establish your business, you can seek out other pieces like the Wunda Chair, Trapeze Table, Tower and spine corrector. It's also recommended to include small equipment pieces and accessories like Pilates mats, rollers, elastic bands, balls and hoops. 

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March 21, 2024