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Year-Round Wellness: Keeping Pilates Students Engaged During Summer

Your studio's Pilates classes may be a staple for keeping your clients in shape during the colder months, but many indoor activities naturally lose priority as the days become longer and warmer. With a few simple adjustments, your studio can find creative ways to keep both regulars and new students interested throughout the summer and continue to provide a top-notch Pilates experience at any time of year!

Why Pilates Is a Great Summer Exercise Choice

Many of your clients may gravitate toward hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities during the summer, which may decrease the amount of time and energy they have left to keep regular Pilates classes in their weekly routines. Reminding them of the many benefits Pilates provides can help them rethink their plans of putting Pilates on hold until fall.

Get in Shape for Beach Trips

Like many forms of fitness, Pilates is a great way to shed extra pounds while toning muscles. This is particularly helpful for summer when wearing swimsuits, shorts, and tank tops is popular. Emphasize to clients that you can help them get beach-ready safely with no diet gimmicks.

Prevent Injuries While Enjoying Other Fitness Activities

Many healthy lifestyle enthusiasts are more likely to use Pilates as one piece of a larger fitness routine than the only type of physical activity they enjoy. Your classes can support their success in a wide range of summer outdoor activities. Clients who are just getting into running, preparing for a marathon, hiking up mountains, or simply enjoying biking on trails around your city can all benefit from the extra muscle that Pilates classes can help them build. This can boost their overall fitness and reduce their likelihood of getting injured. It’s also a somewhat less intense activity that can be used to improve the body's recovery on days in between more strenuous workouts. 

Improve Strength and Flexibility

The overall strength and flexibility that Pilates provides can go a long way toward improving your students' overall fitness, even when they are not actively preparing for another activity. This can help set them up for success in any physical activities they decide to try in the future. 

3 Summer Ideas To Take Your Pilates Studio to the Next Level

Pilates during summer may involve making slight adjustments to the schedule you offer during the rest of the year to keep clients engaged. Here are three fun ways to change things up and keep your Pilates offerings fresh as the seasons change.

1. Move Classes Outside

Bringing your regularly scheduled Pilates classes outside is one of the easiest ways to add a summer twist to your schedule. Many fitness enthusiasts are also outdoor enthusiasts, which means that even your most dedicated clients may be reluctant to attend an indoor class instead of enjoying another outdoor activity. From a grassy space outside your studio or a park across the street to a patio or rooftop, your options for adding something extra to your summer classes are endless.

While it’s a good idea to keep most of your outdoor classes at or very close to your studio to make life easier for your clients and keep moving equipment to a minimum, planning an occasional trip to the most scenic place in town or even a nearby town can be an excellent choice for creating an even more memorable experience. No matter which outdoor classes you choose, be sure to pay close attention to the weather for the best chance of choosing the best possible days. 

2. Offer Online Classes

Summer is one of the most important times for your Pilates staff to stay flexible because many of your clients will spend significant amounts of time traveling or enjoying other outdoor activities. By offering an online option for some or all of your classes, your studio can make it possible for your students to continue to enjoy their classes and maintain their fitness from nearly anywhere in the world while they are out of town. Your studio may choose to provide separate classes that are only available online or offer an option to live stream your regular classes from their hotel rooms. Online-only classes can also make it easier for clients with schedules that change enough during the summer months to make attending in-person classes at their regular time impossible to learn at their own pace. 

3. Hold a Pilates Workshop or Retreat

While some of your clients may have especially busy schedules during the summer, many have more time available to enjoy extra activities that might not be possible during the school year. For this reason, summer is often the best time to consider hosting a Pilates workshop, specialized class, weekend retreat, or longer event that gives your students options for honing their skills when they have more time available. 

Create a Top-Notch Pilates During Summer Experience for Your Students

At BASI Systems, we understand how having quality equipment when running a studio provides the best possible experience for your clients at any time of year. Our team can help you consider unique summer and other seasonal options that will best align with what Pilates students in your area are most likely to be looking for, as well as provide insights into which of our products might take your studio to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment.

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May 9, 2024