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Most studios offer a variety of Pilates equipment to provide a range of options for their clients. Cadillacs and reformers are two very different tables that offer unique mobility and strength exercises to engage your core. If you're trying to decide between a Cadillac vs. reformer, it's best to compare several factors, including cost, functionality, size, and usage. Our experts have gathered all the information you need about each piece of equipment so you can purchase the right product for your studio.


Cadillacs, also known as "trapeze tables," offer a wide range of exercises for beginners and experts alike. The canopy-style frame comes with attachments like loops that offer many variations for strength and mobility exercises. The table is large, sturdy, and immobile, making it a solid piece of Pilates equipment for your studio. Because it offers so many exercise options, Cadillacs are often sold at a higher price point. 

A reformer, on the other hand, is a stationary piece of equipment that has a moving platform, or "mattress." Reformers are also incredibly versatile pieces of Pilates equipment, and they're the perfect addition to studios on a budget. Many people opt to invest in a reformer and purchase additions at a later date, making it just as versatile as a Cadillac.


A Cadillac is composed of a stationary table with a trapeze-style frame on top. Spring-loaded and stationary attachments provide nearly limitless exercises that use gravity to work your core and increase mobility. 

Reformers have a moving platform that can be adjusted to have more resistance, depending on your strength and mobility needs, offering a full-body workout. They offer a wide range of movements and can be upgraded over time with towers and combos. These additions allow reformers to have the same functionality as a Cadillac.


Cadillacs are usually stationary pieces of equipment that have many attachments. Because of this, they require more space and are difficult to move. 

Reformers tend to be more versatile. For example, some reformer models are designed with small spaces in mind, so you can fit them into a studio with limited floor space. Most reformers also have wheels on the bottom, making it easy to move them around the studio as needed. 


Cadillacs are used for rehabilitative work and provide excellent spinal mobility exercises. They're perfectly suited for beginners who have never tried Pilates, but they also offer deep, targeted stretching exercises for people at advanced fitness levels. 

Reformers are known more for their full-body workouts. Every exercise on the reformer engages the core and increases stability, strength, and coordination. They offer excellent arm, leg, and core workouts.

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Picking the right equipment for your Pilates studio comes down to your individual needs, your space, and your current budget. When choosing between a Cadillac vs. reformer, you've got plenty of options. At BASI Systems, we pay careful attention to the design of our equipment. Visit our U.S. online store to shop our wide range of Pilates reformers, Cadillacs, and more to build a studio that's challenging and fun.

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May 7, 2024