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When asked of favourite BASI equipment, it is hard for me to decide. I simply fall in love with them equally. However, I recently find myself become extra fond of Wunda Chair because of the ability to move it around. Changing scenery around is quite enjoyable (even though it’s only moving around different rooms in the house). During the pandemic, I find myself moving less than I normally would so here are some of my favorite exercises on Wunda Chair to encourage mobility.

I like to start with Cat Standing Front (then add the arm presses). This exercise is almost always a part of my routine. It always feels great to move the spines either first thing in the morning or after a long day from work.

After that I would be doing Ankle Exercise and Lower & Lift Standing to move and warm up the ankles before moving into Forward Step Up (I sometimes switch to Forward Step Down and Backward Step Down). I love the Step Up Step Down exercises because we get to move, work the muscles, concentrate on stability and balance, and train our proprioception all at the same time!

Elephant is another favorite exercise for me. It works the abs and helps to increase abdominals control and endurance as well as working the scapular stabilizers and shoulder girdles. I would concentrate on scooping in more abs to lift up. This helps in activating the abs muscles and I find this really helpful for lower back pain afterwards.

Sitting Mermaid (with twist and pulses) is also my always go to exercise on Wunda Chair. It allows strong abdominal connection while you’re trying to reach your arms up and over to open up your waistline and getting the side stretch you need.






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Post by Basi Systems
February 22, 2021