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The Pilates reformer is one of the most important pieces of Pilates equipment for any studio. That being said, they usually sell at a hefty price, especially those from reputable brands. To save some money, you may be tempted to buy one used but you'll have to deal with several disadvantages, like a shorter lifespan.

Keep reading to learn why buying used Pilates reformers isn’t a great decision, especially for studio owners.

Should You Buy a Used Pilates Reformer?

No! It may seem like a cost-saving technique and the best way to acquire a Pilates reformer for your studio, but buying one used has several disadvantages:

Lack of Support From the Seller

It's typical for Pilates manufacturer-authorized sellers to offer after-sale support to ensure their customers get the highest value out of their products. This may include training on its features or education about its capabilities or uses. Unfortunately, this perk is non-transferable to second-hand buyers. Therefore, buying a used Pilates reformer means you cannot access the much-needed support, especially if you're a first-time buyer. 

Shorter Lifespan

A new Pilates reformer lasts much longer than a used one. Since these are a large financial investment and something you intend to use long term, it makes sense to buy it new. Otherwise, you’ll end up dealing with regular breakdowns and repairs, which could lead to a needed replacement.

Limited Knowledge of Its Maintenance

Pilates reformers must be well maintained to guarantee longevity and excellent use. Determining whether a used one has been previously tampered with or modified is challenging. Therefore, there is a possibility of costly repairs if hidden damages exist.

5 Reasons To Buy a Pilates Reformer New

The best decision you can make while buying equipment for your studio is to buy a new Pilates reformer.

Warranty Coverage

New and genuine items come with a manufacturer's warranty. This covers the repair and replacement cost of the product or its parts within a specific period and based on specific limitations. When buying a used reformer, you won’t be able to access the warranty since it's not transferable to the new owner. 


A used Pilates reformer may have hidden damages, which could injure your studio members or cause an infectious disease. Buying one new can provide you with the peace of mind that it will safely perform to the level it’s intended to.


As part of your studio’s branding, you may want to purchase your reformers in a specific colorway. Unfortunately, with used reformers, you’re at the mercy of whatever is available on the second-hand market. By purchasing new, you can work with your equipment supplier to make customizations and outfit your studio with reformers that are on-brand.

Delivery and Set Up

The Pilates reformer is a bulky device that requires specialized transportation and an expert to set it up. Since most sellers offer delivery and set-up services, you don't have to worry about how to get it into your studio. 

Easier Access to Spare Parts

Like any other Pilates equipment, you can expect your new Pilates reformer to break down at some point in its usage. However, buying it new allows you to access compatible OEM spare parts when you need to replace it. This differs from having a used one, which often can be hard to find suitable parts for and lacks a warranty for replacement costs.

Get Your New Pilates Reformer from BASI Systems

The decision to buy a new Pilates reformer outweighs the lower price of an old one. New Pilates reformers offer various benefits like access to manufacturer warranties and customer support.

At BASI Systems, we offer high-quality Pilates equipment suited for your studio. Our devices are built at the highest standards and use the highest quality and most sustainable materials. Ready to buy a new Pilates reformer? Contact us or visit our website to learn more about our reformer. Go to to place your U.S. order today.

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March 14, 2024